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                  Our packages will save you money while providing you with vital and accurate information


• Potency Pesticides • Heavy Metals • Microbials • Mycotoxins 

FARMER’S MARKET:       $325

• Potency • Terpenes •  Pesticides • Heavy Metals • Microbials • Mycotoxins • Moisture Analysis • Water Activity • Visual Inspection

NEW PLOTTERS:                $155

• Potency •  Pesticides • Heavy Metals


• Potency •  Pesticides • Microbials • Mycotoxins


• Potency • Terpenes • Pesticides • Heavy Metals • Microbials • Mycotoxins • Moisture Analysis • Water Activity • Residual Solvents • Visual Inspection

DANGER ZONE:                   $99

• Potency • Mycotoxins • Microbials


• Potency • Terpenes • Pesticides • Heavy Metals • Residual Solvents

  Potency Testing using HPLC   $35

  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)
  • Cannabidivarin (CBDV)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (8-THC)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (9-THC, THC)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (9-THCA)
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)

  Terpene Profiling using a GC-MS with Headspace   $60

Easily identify more than 3,000 flavor and fragrance compounds to meet your terpene profiling needs.

  Pesticide Screening using a LC-MS (Triple Quad)    $95

We offer the most sensitive and comprehensive pesticide screening and confirmation available utilizing Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS Triple Quad)

  Residual Solvents using a GC-MS with a Headspace Sampler  $60

These solvents are evaporated to prepare high concentration oils and waxes. However, it is sometimes necessary to use large quantities of solvent in order to increase extraction efficiency and to achieve higher levels of purity. Since these solvents are not safe for human consumption, we can determine if all solvents have been removed.

Heavy Metals testing using our ICP-MS   $60

Heavy metals are a group of metals considered to be toxic, and the most common include lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. We test and confirm that samples are under the allowable toxic concentration limits for these four hazardous metals in addition to many more if they are necessitated or of a concern.

Microbiology and Mycotoxins using our LC-MS (Triple Quad) or qPCR 

                   Microboials $55                      Mycotoxins $45

We analyze mycotoxins on an LC-MS to ensure accuracy and specificity. Mycotoxins are the by-product of select species of Aspergillus and have proven to be harmful to humans.

Microbiological Screening uses analyte specific molecular probes to determine the presence of 6 different species of bacteria and fungus. This analysis is done on the latest qPCR technology.

  Moisture Analysis  $20

Moisture can be extremely detrimental to the quality of cannabis products. Dried cannabis typically has a moisture content of 10-12%. A moisture content above 12% is prone to mold growth. We can ensure you have the most accurate moisture information.